Summertime and the living is easy. Except when worry & fear interfere with our joy.

Summertime and the living is easy. . . I've got an earworm. And the more I try to get the tune out of my head, the louder it gets. And if you've ever had an earworm, you know how crazy-making they can be!

The solution? 

Embrace the music wherever it comes from.

Rather than allowing the annoyance of the earworm to ruin my mood, I decided to embrace it.


That means I've been singing the song while sitting at my computer. Of course, in true earworm fashion, it was only a portion of the lyrics that were repeating themselves in my head, so I had to look up the rest of the lyrics.

And learn them.

Once I did that, I was free.

And then it dawned on me.

This whole earworm experience is not limited to music. It happens in lots of areas of our lives, we just call it by different names.

Fear. Worry.

For example: Recently, I read the Supreme Court has ruled that online sellers must collect and remit sales tax to the state the purchaser is located in. The implications of this are enormous, especially for those of us who are creatives and entrepreneurs. And I could feel my annoyance level rising just thinking about it, but I couldn't stop the thoughts from swirling in my head, exactly like a musical earworm. And just like that, my joy was being zapped by worry and fear.

I was afraid.

And business isn't the only place something like this shows up. The earworms of fear and worry show up in our relationships, our finances, our writing, and even our sex lives!

The solution?

Embrace the fear, embrace the worry by learning everything you can.

Yes, learning. Knowledge is the quickest way to wipe out a nasty earworm, musical or not.

Because near as I can tell, it's not really about the fear or the worry. It's more about fearing or worrying that we cannot handle whatever is bringing up the fear or worry.

And that is just craziness. Of course, we can handle it.

Don't believe me? Take a look at all you've been through thus far in your life.

You're a ROCKSTAR!

Take time to relax.

Allow yourself a musical earworm. (I can recommend, Summertime and the living is easy. . . )

Time to let go of any fear or worry that's interfering with your joy!

P. S. You're going to want to click this link and watch one of the most incredible performances of Summertime I've ever seen. . . I promise it's going to make your day!

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