Abandoning Perfect

I've spent a lot of energy over the years trying to be perfect and it has never worked. Abandoning Perfect

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Long before my six-time award-winning book, Smiling on the Outside: Secrets, Sex, Shame and the Search for Self-Love came out in June 2017, I was using #MeToo, talking about Me, too! Moments and sharing my Me, too! Moments Manifesto. I know keeping secrets is harmful to our well-being, which is one of the reasons I shared mine in my book. I believed (and still do) in the healing power of creating and sharing these Me too! Moments.

It's so much healthier than always trying to be perfect.

My version of and vision for The Me too! Movement is very different from the one we read about in today's headlines. For me, the message of Me, too! is about compassion and personal connection.

So when Alyssa Milano's tweet went viral, I was left dealing with imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud, even though I knew nothing of earlier movements or uses of the me-too phrase. I thought I'd come up with the perfect way to share my message within my book, but the media didn't see it. And the more attention they gave to the viral #MeToo campaign, along with the discovery that another woman, Tarana Burke, had been talking about MeToo for more than a decade, the more I went into hiding, and the more my health suffered.

Abandoning Perfect and Embracing Life with Chronic Illness-2

My anxiety went through the roof, depression took hold, and rather than continuing to promote my award-winning book, speaking to groups and getting my message to the people who needed it, I shut down. I feared how people would view me and my work in light of the viral campaign. Suddenly, my perfect little book didn't feel so perfect.

My life and my health were hijacked by #MeToo.

The very phrase that had given me purpose.

And like most experiences that feel horrible at the time, I received a gift from all this. I had become a master of hiding the truth about what was happening to my body. In the same way, I had kept my other secrets from those closest to me. And even though I saw the light of hope in someone's eyes through the Me, too! Moments we created by sharing stories of trauma and shame, talking about my health issues felt different, so I stayed silent.

Those days are over.

It's time to stop hiding. I've come too far, and besides, I've got work to do. I know there are lots of you who have had similar health experiences, too. We need each other. We need to know we're not alone, not the only one, and we're not crazy either.

My health issues aren't going to go away, and neither am I.

Becuase even if the whole world is talking about a different kind of “Me, too,” I still believe in the healing power of those little words. Trying to be perfect and holding in secrets out of fear or shame is a sure-fire way to wreck havoc on our minds and bodies, of that I am sure.

I'm abandoning perfect & embracing life with chronic illness.

What's that?

Did I hear a “Me, too,” coming out of your mouth?

Good. We'll do this together.

Get ready for tons of inspiration, lots of laughs, and even a few tears.

This is Straight Talk for a Curvy World®.

Welcome home.



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